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3- All in Pairs:

     The Qur’ân states in an affirmative manner that “everything” in nature exists in pairs:

           §  And of everything we have created pairs. [51/49]

     We came to know that this applies to the whole Animal Kingdom; from hugest creatures to the infinitesimally small i.e. viruses, bacteria and microbes, all being in pairs: male and female. The principle also applies to the plants that have stamens carrying pollen (male) grains, and carpels whose ovules carry (female) eggs, a fact that was not known at the time of the revelation of the Qur’ân:

§  And of every kind of fruit he made zawjayn (two in pairs). [13/3]

             The same principle even applies to solid matter as well. On the smaller end, we have atoms consisting of positively charged protons and negatively charged electrons, in pairs. The existence of negative anti-protons and positive electrons (positrons), as well as several pair varieties of other nuclear particles has been verified. On the other end of the scale , in the Cosmos at large , cosmic bodies are believed to have their negative counterparts; the so called “black holes”.