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Proofs of Modern Science

Suggested Readings

I- Online Readings:

It is The Truth

Illustrated Guide to Islam


II- Book Selections

  ·  Al-Barr, Muhammad Ali: The creation of man between Medicine and the Qur’an, International Islamic Publishing House.

  ·  Ashraf, Sayyid Ali: The Qur’anic concept of History, International Islamic Publishing House.

  ·  Bucailles, Maurice: The Qur’an and Modern Science, International Islamic Publishing House.

  ·  Buqailles, Maurice: The Bible, Qur’an and Modern Science, American Trust Publications.

  ·  El-Fandy, M.G.: Islam and Science, Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs, Cairo.

  ·  El-Fandy, M.G.: On Cosmic Verses in the Qur’an, (Studies in Islam Series), Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs, Cairo.

  ·  El- Naggar, Zaghlul R.: Geological concept of Mountains in the Holy Qur’an, Islamic Academy of Scientific Research.

  ·  Haroun, Nabil A., Why Islam; Proofs of Modern Science, Universities Publishing House, Cairo

  ·  Hassab El-Naby, Mansour: The Glorious Qur’an and Modern Science, General Egyptian Book Organization.