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31. Adam and Eve or Evolution 


As-Salamu `alaykum. First of all I would like to thank you for your great site. It’s is really informative and helps me a lot to understand Islam better!

I had a chat with my brother about the story of Adam and Eve. I believe in Adam and Eve, from whom human life started. But what about the theory that we are descendants of the apes, according to scientists. Didn’t they prove this theory? Does this mean that they aren’t 100% sure of the authenticity of this theory?

In addition, what about the creation of the world by Allah and the Big Bang theory?

Thank you very much for answering my questions!


Since it was formulated by Darwin in 1859, the theory of evolution has drawn the attention of scientists and the general public. Evolutionists, who took evolution for a scientific doctrine, strived hard through research but failed to support any of the assumptions on which it was based. It is not only the ape-man link that is missing, but indeed “any” other intermediate species in the long (imaginary) chain of evolution, starting from the simplest protozoa, could be identified.

If evolution was ever possible, we should have now on earth billions of intermediary species, both in types and numbers. Also if such mutations have ever occurred in ancient times, paleontologists should have found among the fossils countless traces of intermediary species. Paleontologists failed to find any. On the contrary, the oldest fossils of the Cambrian age earth strata proved that a wide variety of living organisms, that represent almost all basic animal  divisions (phyla), appeared simultaneously, with no primitive predecessor.

Complex living cells, not to say complex species, cannot form from their elements or components by mere chance; nor can they transform to higher order species by random mutation as Darwin and followers postulate.

Chemically, amino acids and other basic compounds cannot be artificially organized into the smallest unit of a DNA. The DNA, unique for each type of a living species, cannot be manipulated to produce the DNA of another species. Any such manipulation could only interfere with its functioning but not with its identity. Hence, genetically, evolution is basically impossible.

Thermodynamically, all matter – if left alone – tend to get more disorganized. Hence, chemical molecules could not, on their own, combine to form the more complex organized structures such as a single DNA molecule. Similarly, the living cells of a species cannot spontaneously evolve into a more complex organized species.

Natural selection, one of the pillars of the evolution myth, cannot produce a higher order species from a simpler one. If a species fails to adapt to its surrounding environment, this would either lead to extinction or to modification of its behavior and function, but could never change its identity to another.

Summing up, the long march of Darwinism, highly applauded by atheists and materialist cultures, has turned down to be pure dogma, far from being a ‘possibility’ not to say a scientific fact. For almost a century and a half, this dogma, in the false cloak of science, has been captured by atheists and materialist philosophers who propagated its claims and strived to defend it and to turn around or hide its weaknesses; until it infiltrated to school curricula, textbooks and all sorts of mass media.

As outlined above, true scientific research and thought have disproved every bit of the evolution doctrines. Nowadays, the majority of scientists are ‘creationists’, in the sense that they realize and admit that the existence and functioning of the living biota could only be through an external Super Force. This Force works through its: Intelligence (Wisdom), Information (Knowledge), Will, and Power.

In contrast, human knowledge is limited to observing the structure and composition of living matter, but not ‘how’ it was or can be created. Similarly, human intelligence can understand and correlate the properties and functions of the various life systems or components, but he can never explain ‘why’ do these systems and organs work in such way, nor can he enforce them to work differently or change their governing laws. Neither we, nor any other lower order living species, have the ‘power’ to implant the ‘will’ in solid matter to become a single living cell, not to say to evolve into more complex creatures:

*So, have you then seen what you ejaculate? Is it you who create it, or even are We the Creator? (Meaning of Qur’an 56: 58-59)

*Surely the ones whom you invoke apart from Allah will never create a fly, even if they gathered together for (the purpose) (Meaning of Qur’an 22: 73)

In the Qur’an also we find:

*Say, “Travel in the earth, and then look how He (Allah) began creation (Meaning of Qur’an 29: 20)

- This is urging the faithful to examine the fossils to contemplate on the wisdom and power to create such diverse species.

*Or even were they created out of nothing? Or even are they the creators?

(Meaning of Qur’an 52: 38)

-This is a brief answer to all the claims of spontaneous self creation, random mutation and natural species selection fallacies.

The more we investigate and know this planet the more we believe:

*We will soon show them Our signs in the horizons and in themselves until it is evident to them that it is the Truth. (Meaning of Qur’an 41: 53)

This is what real science lead to:

*And of mankind and beasts and cattle in like (manner) (are) different colors. Surely only the ones of His bondsmen who are apprehensive of Allah are the knowledgeable. (Meaning of Qur’an 35: 28)

Adam, like all other creatures, was created and shaped from this earth material by the will, knowledgeable design and power of Allah:

*(Remember as your Lord said to the Angels, “Surely I am creating a mortal (Adam) of a clay. So when I have molded him and breathed into him of My Spirit, then fall to him prostrating!” (Meaning of Qur’an 38: 71-72)

*Surely the likeness of `Isa (Jesus) in the Providence of Allah is as the likeness of Adam. He (Allah) created him of dust, thereafter He said to him, “Be!” so he is (i.e. he was). (Meaning of Qur’an 3: 59)

The universe at large is believed to have been formed, according to our present knowledge, from a dense high energy mass that was exploded into a huge spreading mass of hot gaseous and solid fragments (smoke), from which were formed glowing stars, and condensed planets that were grouped into galaxies.

Physical evidence of this ‘big-bang’ theory have recently been obtained through analysis of photographs of ‘fragments of spreading smoke’ 15billion light years away (i.e. what was there at that time, the light from which takes this time to reach us).

This accords with the Qur’anic references:

*And have not the ones who disbelieved seen that the heavens and the earth were an integrated (mass), then We unseamed them, and of water We have made every living thing? Would they then not believe? (Meaning of Qur’an 21: 30)

*Therefore He leveled Himself (in a manner beyond human understanding!) to the heaven (while) it was smoke (Meaning of Qur’an 41: 11)

To conclude, the exact details of the events at such deep time in history, how did the universe evolve during all this time, how does it look like now (taking into consideration time relativity), whereto will it evolve and when and how shall it end, Allah only knows.

Similarly, how exactly did life start on this earth, and how was Adam created and what is the essence of life, i.e. the programs that control the functions of all

physical and chemical systems, Allah only knows:

*In no way did I make them to witness the creation of the heavens and the earth, neither the creation of themselves; and in no way would I take to Me the leaders of error as supporters. (Meaning of Qur’an 18: 51)

*And they ask you about the spirit. Say, “The Spirit is of the Command of My Lord; and in no way have you been brought of knowledge except a little.” (Meaning of Qur’an 17: 85)

Finally, we thank you for you for your question. Allah guides you, your brother and all of us.

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