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Answering Atheists on Creation



I have some questions about God.


First, how can we convince an atheist that there is God? If you say that the universe and our existence are proofs that God created us, then the atheist would say that there are many theories of the universe and our existence.


My atheist friend says that quantum physicist Paul Davies  says that the universe does not need any cause to come into existence. Also, other scientists say our existence came through evolution.


Second, how can we convince an atheist that there is only One God? There is a possibility that order and harmony between universe and our existence may also come through many gods, my atheist friend says. So why deny such possibility and stick to One God?




Let us first differentiate between 'theories' and 'scientific facts'. While the former are based on human assumptions (and often prejudices), the latter should be based on tangible evidence and rational proofs. Modern science has brought an end to the atheist dogma, that influenced and corrupted the minds, souls and societies in the 19th and most of the 20th centuries. Many assumptive theories were falsely cloaked in the robes of science, and brought forward to replace the sound faith in God with atheist dogmas. Yet such dogmas as Darwinism, Marxism, Freudianism, among others, have all collapsed and faded away, when subjected to the true test of scientific evidence and reasoning. Their (atheist theories) weakness lies in their being based on the atheist precepts and inclinations of their founders, rather on any true evidence.

Arrogance, haughtiness and deceptiveness have led them to ignore a basic axiom of real science: to build conclusions on tangible proofs, not on assumptions and conjectures! Human perception and physical knowledge are limited, due to the narrow range of our senses. The scope of the unseen, the unheard, the non-smelt, the unfelt is much more wider than what our senses allow. Besides, the capacity of human intellect is limited to the ability to observe, analyze, correlate and understand the relations and laws governing the physical / chemical / biological phenomena. Yet, human perception is totally unfit to answer the big question: 'WHY' do any component or system of this world, nor why our own bodies or souls do act or behave the way they do. Neither could any human ever change, influence or force anything in nature to act differently or to deviate from its predestined course.

Yet, what does a reasonable honest reading of the physical world – as we sense it – tell us about God? Read through the 'book of nature' at any level: from the smallest subatomic particles to the single living cells, to the complex biological systems of plant, animal or human life; or to the universe at large: from our planet earth, to the solar and to galactic systems! God is always there, everywhere: the Creator and Fashioner God, Who is Ever-Knowing and Wise, and is Ever-Living and Sustainer. He is manifest everywhere through His unique capacity to:

-         Initiate: to create matter from nothingness

-         Determine: to determine such unlimited diversity of matter, species and systems

-         Design: to let each of his creatures has its own features, and to follow exactly His predestined laws

-         Harmonize: such as to operate all systems, physical, chemical, and biological; and balance them in a harmoniously integrated fashion

-         Sustain: such as to maintain all matter, all the time, existing and functioning in the same pre-designed way

How to prove these manifest attributes? A negative answer to each of the following queries would give the proof!

1-     Initiation: Could one argue with the ability of God - alone - to initiate every bit of matter, or could matter create itself from nothing, or come to existence by an infinitesimally probable chance?

2-     Determination: Could chance alone produce such overwhelming diversity of chemical structures, biological species (zoological, botanical, marine … etc, and mankind)? Could the diversity of chemical elements of the periodic table, composed of the same subatomic particles, be the result of electrons, protons and neutrons deciding for themselves to arrange these ways? From these elements, could the vast chemicals and biochemicals emerge by chaotic hits of chance?

3-     Design: Could one believe that each and any of the multitude of life systems would decide to function the unique and complex fashions they do, fashions that are much more complex and more precise than huge modern chemical plants? Could the unique genetic "software" implanted in each living cell be self-invented by the components of their DNA's?

4-     Harmony: Could the overall ecological balance between the biota, atmosphere, earth and sea - that maintains biological diversity and environmental sustainability - be the product of nature's global 'self-accord'?

5-     Sustenance: Could have physical matter, at any level of complexity, deviate from the laws governing and maintaining their: existence, properties and behavior – even the tiniest electrons or quarks?    

As the rational answer to each of these five questions is a definite "NO", then the inevitable clear truth emerges: that this universe could only be the creation of One Initiator God, by His Determination, according to His Super-Design, such as to follow His laws, and to collectively function in Harmony according to a single Sustained pattern, with no single deviation or disparity.

This same rationale that tells about the One Ever-Livings Creator, Who is Ever-Sustainer and Hegemonic over all creation, similarly refutes those baseless illusions regarding polytheistic gods, as was imagined by primitive man, or  invented by philosophers, all alike. Along history, polytheism took several forms: from the primitive idol gods of ancient Egypt and Greece, to the present Christian and Hindu trinities. They all fell into the same pitfall, i.e. closing their eyes from properly reading 'the book of nature', and closing their ears and minds from reading the 'Word of the One God,' as revealed to all prophets, to guide all mankind, along history.

In his renowned 2001 book, "The Hidden Face of God – How Science Reveals the Ultimate Truth," Gerald Schroeder admits that, "a single consciousness, a universal wisdom, pervades the universe … All existence is the experience of this wisdom." "Every particle, every being, from atom to human, appears to represent a level of information, of wisdom." To find an answer to the "puzzle" … "from where does this information arise?," Schroeder concludes that " Wisdom, information, an idea, is the link between the metaphysical creating Force and the physical creation. It is the hidden face of God."

It took the atheists 14 centuries to 're-discover' (not discover) these basic facts; facts that the Qur'an, the eternal Word of God, has so repeatedly declared and manifestly expounded. Here are few glimpses from this 'Book of Wisdom':

1-      On 'Initiation':

-         Or even were they created out of nothing? Or even are they the creators? (Meaning of 52:35)

-         And indeed in case you were to ask them, “Who created the heavens and the earth and subjected the sun and the moon?” Indeed they would definitely say, “ Allah.” However then are they diverged (from the truth)? (Meaning of 29:61)

-         And the ones they invoke apart from Allah do not create a thing and themselves are created. (Meaning of 16:20)

-         Or have they made up for Allah associates who created the like of His creation, so that creation appeared similar to them? Say, “ Allah is The Creator of everything and He is The One, The Superb Vanquisher.” (Meaning of 13:16)

2-      On 'Determination':

-         Extol The Name of your Lord, The Most Exalted, Who created; so He molded; And Who determined; so He guided. (Meaning of 87:1-3)

-         And your Lord creates whatever He decides and He chooses. In no way do they have the choice. (Meaning of 28:68)

-         Have you not seen that Allah sends down from the heaven water. So We bring out therewith products of different colors? And among the mountains are streaks white and red, of different colors, and black crags. And of mankind and beasts and cattle in like (manner) (are) different colors. Surely only the ones of His bondmen who are apprehensive of Allah are the knowledgeable (i.e. learned ones). (Meaning of 35:27-28)

3-      On 'Design':

-         In no way have We created the heavens and the earth and whatever is between them both, except with the Truth and a stated term. (Meaning of 46:3)

-         The ones who remember Allah, upright and seated and on their sides, and meditate upon the creation of the heavens and the earth: “Our Lord, in no way have You created this untruthfully. All Extolment be to You! (Meaning of 3:190)

-         And in the earth are signs for the ones having certitude, And in your selves; do you then not behold? (Meaning of 51:21)

-         Will they then not look at the camels, how they have been created, And at the heaven, how it has been raised up, And at the mountains, how they have been set up, And at the earth, how it has been encrusted? (Meaning of 88:17-20)

4-      On 'Harmony':

-         Surely We created everything by a determined estimate. (Meaning of 54:62)

-         Have you then seen the water you drink? Is it you who have sent it down from the rainy clouds or are We, Ever We, The Senders down? If We had (so) decided, We would have made it bitter; so had you only thanked (Us)! (Meaning of 56:68-70)

-         Have you not seen that Allah has sent down from the heaven water, then He dispatched (i.e., inserted) it as fountains in the earth; thereafter He brings out therewith plantation (s) of different colors; thereafter they heave, then you see them (turning) yellow; thereafter He makes them to crushed pieces? (Meaning of 39:21)

5-      On 'Sustenance':

-         Surely Allah holds the heavens and the earth (so) that they do not cease to exist; and indeed in case they cease to exist, decidedly no one would hold them both after Him. (Meaning of 35:41)

-         Who created seven heavens as strata (i.e., layers, one above the other).In no way can you see in the creation of The All-Merciful any disparity; so return your gaze; (Literally: “your” beholding) do you see any rent? (Meaning of 67:3)

-         The sun and the moon (run) to all-precisely reckoned (courses), And the star and the trees prostrate themselves. And the heaven, He raised it up, and laid down the Balance. (Meaning of 55:5-7)

-         And the earth-We have extended it and cast on it anchorages, (i.e., mountains) and We have caused to grow therein of everything (evenly) weighed. (Meaning of 15:19)

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