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43. Clash of Religions?


Assalamu Alaykum.

First of all thank you for this great service. I would like to ask, why Allah has allowed for a situation to develop where it appears as if there are 3 different religions in clash with each other? Also, why have there been no more prophets since Muhammad (peace be upon him)?

Thank you.


Thank you for your questions. However, you can find in this Section, as well as in other links referred to below, detailed answers to this and similar questions, from different angles. You can kindly browse the following relevant links, that would hopefully satisfy your queries.

The Unity of Divine Revelations

Are Religions the Same?

Is Islam the Continuation of Christianity?

The Last Testament

Islam and other monotheistic faiths

Distinguishing Judaism from Islam

Why is Islam Unique?

Status of Prophet Muhammad

Do We need a Prophet Now?

Why Did Muhammad Come After Jesus (Peace Be Upon Them Both)?

Second Coming of Jesus