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Teach Yourself
Prophet's Biography

(Translation by: Dār At-Tarjamah)


Lesson 86: Birth and Childhood

Lesson 87: Youth and Maturity

Lesson 88:  Up to the Revelation

Lesson 89: The Message

Lesson 90: Starting the Call

Lesson 91: Muslims Suffering Harms

Lesson 92: Year of Sadness - Prophet's Household

Lesson 93: Al-`Aqabah Pledges to Isra'

Lesson 94: Immigration to Al-Madīnah

Lesson 95: Battles Overview

Lesson 96: Battle of Badr

Lesson 97: Battle of Uhud

Lesson 98: Battle of Trench to Hudaybiyah

Lesson 99: Emissaries to Conquest of Makkah

Lesson 100: Hunayn Brigade to the End