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4-ABC Islam
5-Your Way to Islam

 Selections: *Islam & Modern Science
*Qur'an, Miracle of Miracles

*Muslim-Christian Dialogue

Study Glorious Qur'an *English Meaning *Reciting Tutor 
Qur'an, the Miracle: *Linguistic *Earth/Cosmos
*Life Sciences *Miscellaneous

Teach Yourself Islam: *Overview *Faith *Sources *Worship *Conduct *Law *Prophet's Biography
Muslim Practice: *Guidelines  *Charity

 II- Lessons on Sources

Lesson 18: Revelarion
Lesson 19: Reasons and Timing
Lesson 20: Exegesis and Translation
Lesson 21: Qur'anic Rulings

Lesson 22: Narration
Lesson 23: Narrators
Lesson 24: Acceptability
Lesson 25: Classifications
Lesson 26: Reclassification

Science of Sources
Lesson 27: Evidence
Lesson 28: Rulings
Lesson 29: Legislative Rules
Lesson 30: Linguistic Rules