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Teach Yourself Islam


    This is a basic self study course of Islam . Islam, the last of messages of Allah the creator to mankind, is a universal guidance to the human race everywhere, up to the end of time. Islamic teachings are embodied in the Qur’an, the word of God, revealed to the seal of messengers Muhammad p.b.u.h. (Peace be upon him). The Prophet's teachings and life are considered to be a detailed interpretation and a human model of the message .

      This course presents a comprehensive outline of the knowledge essential for every Muslim. The outlines are essentially translated summaries of 12 scholarly Arabic textbooks . They cover a broad spectrum of Islamic sciences, grouped in seven units:

  * Sources: Qur’an; Hadith (Prophet’s tradition); and Science of Sources.

* Faith: Principles of faith (Tawhiid); and Comparative Religion.

* Worship: Purification; Prayer; Zakat (Alms); Fasting ; and Hajj (Pilgrimage).

* Behavior: Morals; and Manners.

* Family: Marriage; and Inheritance.

* Economy: Wealth; Trade; and Business.

* The Nation: The State; Penalties; and Jihad.

      As for quotations of Qur’an, given in this course, readers are strongly discouraged from memorizing such texts in English, for serious reasons. First of all, any translation, specially of Qur'an, the miraculous words of Allah, would fall short of conveying their true meanings and objectives, as comprehended in Arabic. Second, a Muslim could never appreciate or taste the glory of such words and structure, in any language other than Arabic. And third, which is most serious, future generations could most probably fall into the pitfall of using the English translation as an authentic substitute, for knowledge, praying, legislation … etc . This very pitfall was the principal origin of distortions that befell the scriptures of the previous messages.

      For more detailed studies, readers are referred to carefully selected specialized references. These also include useful references of more general nature, i.e. interpretations of Qur’an, Hadith translations, Sirah (Prophet’s history), dictionaries and light readers. Those who wish to pursue a more advanced, as well as challenging, study of Islam are urged to study the Arabic language. This would pave their way to comprehend not only the magnificence of Qur’an and the wisdom of Hadith, but also to be able to use the wealth of Islamic literature. A list of language – learning resources are referred to in the "Read More" references.

Study Guide

1) Study Carefully the Main Points.
2) Review the Related
Evidence of the Qur'an and Sunnah. Try to Recall at least one or two quotations, supporting every point of the subject.
3) For Self-check, Attempt to Answer the Revision Questions at the end of the lesson. 
4) For Further Reading, View the Read More References.