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      Why should an intellectual embrace Islm? We are going to prove herein that the truth and perfection of the Qurn, revealed between the years 611 and 632  A.C. could not have possibly been the work of Muhammad, the Prophet of Islm (peace be upon him), nor of any human being in history. it could only have been an outside revelation to Muhammad from a most knowledgeable super-natural source. The role of the Prophet did not exceed that of an honest Messenger, as well as a human model for all mankind.

             Our approach will be both scientific and historical. We shall repeatedly underline certain verses of the Qurrn that have stated or pointed to some modern scientific facts and concepts, in unequivocally precise terms. Such facts and concepts were beyond the reach of human  knowledge at the time of revelation and for centuries thereafter. This establishes beyond doubt that the source of Qurn is : Superior to mankind, Absolutely Knowledgeable, and Most Truthful. Such perfection can only be possessed by the Creator of this infinite universe the One God: (in Arabic) Allh, Glorified and Exalted is He:

            Do they not consider the Qurn carefully? Had it been from other than Allh, they would surely, have found therein many a contradiction. [4/82]

        Here are several pieces of evidence, each of which could prove the scientific truth of the text of the Qurn. In this third edition, citations of the meanings of Quranic texts have been based mainly on:

* Interpretation of the Meanings of the Noble Qurn, by: M. Muhsin Khn and M. Taqiy-ud-Dn Al-Hilli, Dar us-Salm.

* Towards Understanding the Ever-Glorious Qurn, by: M. Mahmd Ghli, Universities Publishing House.

        It is stressed here that it is almost impossible to translate the original  Arabic text, such as to precisely convey the Arabic meaning. This explains the frequent use of explanatory words or phrases between parentheses.

        References to the meanings of Quranic Verses are shown between brackets as: [Srah (Chapter) number/ Verse number].